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Stained glass windo​​ws

​​​​Detail from NW window.jpgDetail from the North West window of the Princess Elizab​​eth Chapel

​​The East Window​​​​

d knifton-window of beauty cropped small.jpgThe East Window.

The magnificent East Window depicts scenes from the building of Solomon's temple to its destruction, though most of the windows show incidents in Christ's life. The central larger picture window was destroyed in the bombing of Newport and restored through the help of the War Damage Commission.


​​The Maidens​​​ Window
Detail from the Maiden's window.jpg

Detail from the Maidens window

This unusual stained glass window is the work of Lavers and Barraud. The cost was met by money raised by the young ladies of Newport and this is why it is known as 'The Maidens Window'.

Part of the Gothic Revival movement, Nathanial Wood Lavers (1828-1911) and Francis Philip Barraud (1824-1900) trained with James Powell and Sons before later joining forces in 1858.

​By 1840 improvements in metallurgy, glass manufacture and design, along with a growing fashion for a Medieval look, brought about the Gothic Revival movement. Using the different colours and patterns to refract light in gentle ways, their window designs are decorative and often contain floral motifs and fleur de lys. Such works are now rather rare as they have often been replaced with more elaborate windows that depict people or saints in stories from the Bible.